Working on the remains project and other thoughts

I’m enjoying this project. Sculpture has always been one of my favorite mediums in art.

(My business has required commercial arts skills which began in the 1980’s with old school paste up and illustration using the old tools of the trade including airbrush, rapido pens, typesetting services and more. In the early eighties it all changed and I migrated to digital media. Today it’s all Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It’s been a trip.)

But Sculpture has been a constant for me which is comforting. There is such a rush from creating something that did not exist before. On sales calls I’m sometimes embarressed with “dirty” fingernails but that’s a price sculptors have to pay.

I’ve finished the “Mermaid”, “Cupid” and the” Saytr” and I’m currently finishing the molds for a “Baby Dragon”, two “Fairies” and a very small “alien”. I can’t wait to cost them.

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Bobby is originally from Seattle and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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